It is newly evolved technique were by means of tiny incisions at the chest the surgery is performed. The surgeons use very small tools and robots to do the surgery which is less invasive when compared to traditional heart surgeries. It is usually called as ‘Da Vinci’ procedure as it refers to the maker of the robot which is used for the process.Robotic

The robotic cardiac surgery is used to treat number of cardiac diseases and performs the following surgery,

  • Robot aided Mitral Valve Repair which is done for mitral valve narrowing and mitral valve regurgitation.
  • Robot aided Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) done to manage obstructions in the cardiac arteries and continuous pain in the chest which is not effective with medicine.
  • Robot aided repair of Atrial Septal Defect done to fix the hole which is situated between the upper chambers of the heart that is left unclosed during the development of the fetus.
  • Robot aided Biventricular Pacemaker Insertion done to treat the heart failure because of Atrial fibrillation (irregular cardiac rhythms of upper chamber).
  • To excise tumor in the heart.

Merits of Robot Cardiac Surgery:

  • Minimal pain and scaring of the site
  • Tiny cuts made in the body so that the patient has less discomfort.
  • Short hospital stay.
  • Blood loss is low and need for transfusion of blood is reduced.
  • The risk of further illness is decreased.
  • The pain medicines are prescribed for shorter period.
  • Recurring to the routine activities is very fast.