The term cardiology is obtained from the Greek language (Kardia – heart) and it is a division of internal medicine which deals with the disorder and diseases distressing the heart. It involves disarray in the diagnosis and treatment of Congenital anomaly of the heart, group of Coronary Artery disease which includes Atherosclerotic heart disease, Cardiac vascular diseases, chronic heart failure and Valvular heart disease were the valves are infected and electrophysiology of the heart changes. The doctors who focuses in this branch are referred as ‘Cardiologist’ and the pediatricians who specialize in cardiology are referred as ‘Pediatric Cardiologist’.

 India is chosen as ideal destination for Cardiac Treatment:

People now choose to afford India for their cardiac treatment because the cost is much lower than compared to other western countries that provide the similar kind of management. India has the state of the art of cardiac technology which is at par with world class technology.

India is endowed with highly skilled Cardiologist and Cardiac surgeons. The consultants her achieve vast number of surgeries each year and they are trending out with innovative values to make patients life unsophisticated.

Cardiology is practiced in India since 1940 and about more than 500 hospitals at India offers several treatments for Cardiac diseases. It includes angiograms of the heart and angioplasty, Open heart surgery and Bypass surgery. The first open heart surgery was performed in India in the year 1975 and roughly about 100,000 angioplasties and 300,000 angiograms have been done.

Gain of undergoing Cardiac Surgery in India

There is almost 99% success rate for the surgeries performed at India and the patient does not have any waiting time for the operation. The best hospitals here provide typical care which is equivalent to the world class hospitals. The Consultants here are recognized all over the world for their knowledge and aptitude. The corporate hospitals have accreditations such as JCI and NABH which gives them honor and also the brand similar to the reputed hospitals around the world.

The biggest plus of the patients is restraining their money as the treatment cost bared by them is very low without any compromise in the value of service or success rate.